2010年2月28日 星期日

Hulu Takes Shot at YouTube via SNL

NBC takes to the airwaves to poke fun at the web's largest video site.

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Measuring Social Media with Web Analytics, Part 1

Measuring social media is possible and Web analytics should be a key part of your measurement strategy. Part one of a two part series. ... http://tinyurl.com/yj584y7

Trouble at Twitter?

Not sure what's going on, if this is for everyone, or just a few, or just me.

The last update in my timeline is 8 hours old.

But some people are getting updates, because I've gotten replies to some of my messages.

No mention of the problem on status.twitter.com.


2010年2月27日 星期六

Citizen coverage of Hawaii tsunami?

Like 23K others, I'm watching a live stream of a Honolulu television station previewing the tsunami that's likely to hit Hawaii in the next couple of hours.

I wondered on Twitter if any of the news orgs are launching helicopters to provide a view of the surge making landfall.

Brian Stelter of the NY Times notes: "we're about to watch a tsunami reach shore live on TV via Hawaii's local stations. Has that ever happened before?"

Tommy Russo is going to stream the tsunami landfall from Paukukalo on Qik.

I started a photo feed that tracks "tsunami" -- there are already 3 pics in the feed.

If you have any info on media coverage of the landfall please post a comment here.

Obviously safety comes first. But it also seems like an opportunity to make some media history.


Admitting Role In Google Anti-Trust Complaints Microsoft Complains Of Google “Lock In”


David Meerman Scott updates The New Rules of Marketing and PR at SES New York 2010

David Meerman Scott, the author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 2nd Edition" will be giving the opening keynote at SES New York 2010.

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2010年2月26日 星期五

Bing Fast and Furious

During a Q&A session at the Goldman Sachs technology conference in San Francisco, CEO of IAC (ask.com) Barry Diller praised the fast grow of Bing decision engine since its launch. According to an interview conducted by Sharon Chan, a Seattle Times technology reporter, Diller believed Bing team has done superb jobs and Bing has gone fast capturing search market share. In her note, Chan quoted Diller said “I think they are going to be very competitive. They haven't been frivolous up until now, but now they have so much potency of purpose." Diller also thinks that the partnership with Yahoo... http://tinyurl.com/ycqfagt

Not so big Bing China

While Bing.com is growing very fast in America since its launch about 9 months ago, Bing China captured a very tiny fraction of search market share in the mainland China during 2009. According to a note written by IDG News Service and published by pcworld.com, as per data provided by a research company based in China, iResearch, Bing captured only 0.4% of searches in China in 2009. Using the same dataset, Google started to lose its hold in China to rival Baidu.com where the giant search engine captured about 18.9%, compared to year 2008, Google dropped about 1.8%. http://tinyurl.com/ybo36am

Bing + BlackBerry, a romantic Valentine’s Day date idea

Several tech companies and analysts are predicting a mobile apocalypse by year 2014, as majority of users will access Internet thru mobile web, including using smartphones. It’s so embarrassed at the moment that Bing’s parent (Microsoft) has failed to capture the mobile OS market share as its boss (Mr. Ballmer) is heading to Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona early next week (Feb 15 to 18). Apple iPhone and Google Android continue to innovate and continue to gain mobile OS market share during the past two years. With a lot of cash on hand (about $40 billion), many tech bloggers,... http://tinyurl.com/ydz7a4o

Leftovers: A Blizzard of Search News

12 updates to read over a lazy weekend.

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More Google Legal Woes: Buzz Lawsuit and EU Regulation

Smells like Microsoft spirit.

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Gold Medal of Search: Who Has the Best Olympic Results?

Tell us your favorite search engine for Olympic information.

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Quote of the Month

Stephen Fry: If an alien was looking down on us and inspecting our language they would see the worst things we do on this planet is we torture, we kill, we abuse, we harm people, we’re cruel, and those are... http://bit.ly/d89Eci

Google’s Street View Finds More Trouble In Europe


Google Adds Location to Search Options Panel

Move is latest in location-based features for the search giant.

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Caprica and repurposed virtualities

As you may know I'm a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, as I'm sure many of you are. I was satisfied with the ending of the series, but of course disappointed that I had to give up the habit. There really hasn't been anything to fill the void.

Now I'm starting to watch the spinoff series, Caprica, which is a prequel to BSG. In it, the lead character Bill Adama is a little boy. There are lots of interesting characters, and they show you how Cylons got started, we're even there for the moment when the term was coined. Very nice touch.

But there's something very clever in the series that just hit me, when I was thinking about something we could do with EC2. And it's also like the little podcasting experiment we did in May 2005, with two songs -- Dixie and Green Acres. Let me explain.

It started with a website for kids that has beautiful MIDIs of famous songs for kids to sing along with. I'm kind of a big kid, so I played Dixie during one of my podcasts from the beach in Florida, and sang the words over the melody. Then Rogers Cadenhead had a great idea -- he joined me in a chorus. Then Kosso joined in. Amy Bellinger and on and on. Most of the intermediate versions are gone, but Rex Hammock's survives. It's really something.

Then I found a version of the Green Acres theme song. I played it on my stereo and sang the male part. Then I uploaded it. (I said in the blog post, "don't worry you'll know what to do.") Amy Bellinger played my version, and recorded the female part. It's all very low-tech, but it's kind of wonderful.

A picture named glasses.jpgNow to Caprica. Like a lot of science fiction serials Caprica has virtual worlds. You put on some fancy glasses and visit an alternate reality where people do things they can't do in the physical world. But there's a twist. One of the characters figures out how to pack up a whole virtual reality and make it a product. Hard to explain, I guess you have to watch the show. (I don't want to explain too much, no spoilers.)

But then I thought about EC2 and the nice things you can do with operating systems.

They give everyone the power to create their own version of Windows and share it with others. Granted, that's not the kind of thing too many non-techies, or even techies, wake up in the morning with an overwhelming desire to do. But why not? I'm still getting used to the idea of creating my own versions of Windows, haven't even released anything yet. But since everything I'm building is open source, there's no reason someone couldn't take my package, make some changes, and then redistribute it with their customizations. Trust obviously becomes a pretty important issue here.


Yes, More Are Seeing A New Google Look-And-Feel


Google Adds Local Search To Options Panel


Update: Social Media Icons

First of all, thank you for all the great feedbacks and suggestions on the Vector Social Media Icons I released on IconDock. I updated the set with the new Google Buzz, Microsoft Bing, Picasa, Meetup, Feedburner, Ebay, Drupal, Gowalla, ICQ, Metacafe, Yelp, Xing, Paypal, Podcast, and various color buttons. Head over to IconDock to [...] http://twurl.nl/c7znrk

CMS Expo, Chicago, May 3rd-5th

I’ll be speaking at the CMS Expo this May 3rd – 5th (I speak the 4th and 5th). It’s in Evanston, IL, basically, Chicago.I’ll be doing two sessions, one Tuesday, on Wednesday. One of them will be on advanced theme building. We’ll start with a mockup of a site we want to build (something [...] http://twurl.nl/0vubgd

Click to Conversion Time & Your Revenue Attribution Window


It’s A Fatal Mistake To Copy Successful Web Sites


DiggAds Off to a Good Start

After severing ties with Microsoft on the ad front, the new in-house system appears to be paying off.

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2010年2月25日 星期四

Webtrends Adds Facebook Measurement Capabilities

Analytics solution now gives even broader view of total online marketing strategy by including major social network.

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Whiteboard Friday - 5 Things You're Not Doing (But Should Be)

Posted by great scott!

This week, we've got a couple of newcomers to Whiteboard Studios! Our very own Jen Lopez and Danny Dover (whom you should know well thanks to Jen's Meet the Mozzers post) are pinch-hitting for our globe-trotting CEO. Let's all give them a big welcome.

We did a PRO Site Review Webinar last week and noticed a few SEO issues that are all-too-common. So, in this week's Whiteboard Friday, Jen and Danny will walk you through five common areas where people often make mistakes, and explain quick fixes that can help you improve, including bot blocking, courting the Linkerati, identifying problems using Top Pages*, analyzing conversion rate, and addressing canonicalization.

Here are the charts Danny referenced in the video:

SEO Pyramid      Conversion Funnel

                                                                                       Courtesy of WebsiteOptimization.com

Also, if you'd like to learn more about tracking first-touch attribution in your analytics, Whiteboard Friday alumnus, Will Critchlow, wrote about it here.

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Forget Shorty: Long Tail Keywords Convert Cheaper

Don't miss out! Long tail PPC terms offer the cheapest ROI in many industries and are also easier to rank for organically. ... http://tinyurl.com/y892m4v

Big change in the tech world

The moral of the story of the Facebook patent and all the recent news from Apple and Google: Tech companies are no better or worse than big companies in other industries.

They are all about keeping the stock price high, growing at the expense of their competitors, and the role of users is the same as customers in other industries, you're a source of revenue.

Something wonderful happened when the Internet broke through a similar logjam in the early 90s. But that's now a distant memory. A new generation has come of age. The students I work with at NYU were small children when the Web grew out of the ruins of the PC business. They don't have any memory of what it was like before.

Further, the tech companies of today are much larger and more influential than the leading tech companies of the early 90s. Today the music industry's content flows through Apple's servers. Apple is poised to play a large role in the distribution of all other forms of media. Google is huge, as is Amazon and Facebook. And the people running these companies are far more experienced and/or competent than those who were running the industry the last time there was a user takeover.

My thinking has changed recently, as Google's moves with Buzz have surfaced, and Apple's moves to control sexual imagery in the the app store, as they embark on an ugly and dishonest campaign against Flash. Patents are nothing new. Last year, Google patented some very basic technology we created in the first wave of RSS apps. Another company was granted a patent on podcasting. It goes on all the time. What is different is that tech companies are taking a more active interest in the content that flows over their networks, and are doing less to protect their users. Sometimes they're the ones attacking users. Just like other industries.

Think about how you're treated by airlines. By insurance companies. If you have to go to a hospital. That's the kind of relationship you have with Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc. Sooner or later there will be a massive oil spill or a massive network-wide security breach. Expect these companies to be every bit as bad as the ones in other industries. Probably worse because they've come so far without much oversight or scrutiny. Recently Google was given permission to trade energy. Who are these companies? We have no idea.

If you want to know what you can do, great -- there are things you can do. Buy your own services and put your content in places where you are treated like a customer with rights that are respected. That's still possible. In many industries it's no longer possible, but you can get that kind of service on the Internet now, but you have to pay for it.

If you're in the media industry, stop partnering with the tech industry, and hire away some of their best people and give them power to run your business. This is how your boat will stay afloat. Pretending these companies are your friends is ridiculous. They don't care about you. Look at how well they're doing monetizing your content. This is probably what you need to learn to do, and there's no time to learn. Hire their people away and get ready to compete.

And when you have a choice between using the product of a small company or a large one, give the small one a chance. This helps protect choice and diversity. And if someone creates something new, and they are not working for a big company, celebrate that, make them famous, make sure everyone knows. The myth is that the only new stuff comes from big companies. That's never been true. The only way to change that is to make sure people hear about the new stuff that comes from individuals.


Dropbox, AFP and the Olympics

One of my favorite phrases in tech, after "really simple" is "just works." Here's a story of some stuff that took about five minutes to hook together, and of course as you must have guessed, it "just works."

If you recall, we have an experimental feed of photos from Agence France-Presse. They are available through the River2 aggregator, which in addition to being a news reader is also a podcatcher and a photo-catcher. It's all really simple, I just use RSS and enclosures as we do for podcasting, and it all "just works."

Another thing that "just works" is Dropbox. It's such a great product. I keep thinking of new uses for it. I had a thought last night, wondering if there was a way to allow everyone to have access to one of my folders so I could flow pictures from the Olympics, for the next few days, out through the web. I poked around the site and found they planned for this.

So here's a folder that's updated as pictures are available, with photos from the Olympics.


It's got a long url, so I shortened it (hint to Dropbox, it might be nice if these had shorter URLs).

You may see some pics with question marks, that's because my machine is still synching up with Dropbox. Refresh the page, it should clear.

PS: I really hope Google doesn't buy Dropbox, but I fear they will. :-(


Need To Learn Search Marketing? Come To SMX Boot Camp!


SPONSOR MESSAGE: The Best and Worst of Paid Search in 2009 – Why Most Ads Fail the Test


My Droid gave out


Want To Speak @ SMX Advanced London? Here’s How


Companies Ask Courts, Regulators To Restrain Google To Compensate For Own Competitive Failures


ChaCha Taps Localeze for Local Biz Listings

Answers search service expands offering to create more comprehensive experience.

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Yahoo Answers Gets A New Look


Losing Google? Chinese Scientists Say It’s Like Going Blind, Life Without Electricity


Google Adds Facebook Updates to Real-Time Results

Facebook joins Twitter and MySpace in Google's Social Update Search.

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MapQuest Expands 360 View

More cities added to compete with Google's Street View and Bing's Streetside imagery.

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(Seattle) Berkun + Wine + You: special event

The ever cool biznik collective is hosting me for a special author event night here in Seattle.
When: Tuesday March 16th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Where: Hotel 1000, 1000 1st Avenue, Seattle
You get:

A signed copy of Confessions of a Public Speaker
an evening of... http://bit.ly/9T2DOc

Speaking at The Economist Innovation event

I’ll be speaking at this new event, first in a series run by The Economist magazine.
The ideas economy: Innovation
Berkeley, California, March 23-24
The roster includes Jared Diamond, Ray Kurzweil, Paul Saffo, Clayton Christensen, Dan Esty, Ed Catmull, John Perry Barlow, Arriana... http://bit.ly/d8NfWa

Opera Says Google Dominating Search On Mobile Web


Local Search Complexity = SMB Frustration


BigMouthMedia merge with LBi

Andrew Girdwood from BigMouthMedia, a global Search Marketing agency borne out of the UK, announced a merger with LBi via Tumblr today.

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Last Call – SMX West in Silicon Valley Starts Next Tuesday


Google Caffeine May Be Months Away & You Can’t See It


The Advertiser Interview: How To Surface Key Goals


Extending The Lifecycle Of Super Bowl Ads Through Online Video


Meet the Mozzers!

Posted by jennita

Over the past few months, we've announced a number of exciting changes here at the mozPlex. Some of those include becoming focused on our software, new SEO tools and a cultural change with our TAGFEE Tenets. With that, we're committed to being transparent and authentic and feel we've done a great job keeping the SEOmoz community up to date on many of these changes.

Meet the Mozzers

However, one area we've been slacking is in ensuring that our community knows who we are, as a team. There are many mozzers who mainly work behind the scenes building tools, or providing excellent customer service to our members. Along with our shift from consulting, we've had a few organizational changes and people's roles have changed. Additionally we have a number of moz Associates that help contribute to the blog and provide expertise in Q & A.

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our team, and ask you to get to know us a little better. There are a few new mozzers that may even surprise you! This is an exciting time for us and the community and we're excited to introduce ourselves. Each mozzer was asked to provide their title, social media accounts, top moz moment (tools created, blog posts written, etc.), then I asked them to answer a few fun questions. So without further ado, I'd like you to meet the mozzers.

Development Team

Every team plays an important role to the success of SEOmoz and our tools, but the development team is key. Without this group we wouldn't have the suite of amazing tools that we have to offer our members today. Browse through the developers and see who has worked on your favorite tool, and learn more about the people behind the scenes.

Ben Hendrickson


Sr Software Engineer

Follow Ben on Twitter! @bhendrickson
�moz Moment

"From the day I started building the Linkscape prototype to the day we launched the first version was about 10 months. I think that project went well."

I am proud to answer questions like this in a confusing and self-referential way.

Chas Williams


Software Developer
moz Moment

"I work mostly on Linkscape these days. I wrote the code for anchor text distributions and the new views for OSE, so the OSE launch was a proud moment for me :)"

My favorite Youtube video.

David Joslin

Systems Engineer

David on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

"Since starting in August I have worked to improve our uptime significantly through monitoring, tuning, and application fixes. "

On Saturday morning I hang out with my kids until my wife gets her beauty sleep and then I try to get a mountain bike ride in before working in the yard and other chores.

Jeff Pollard


Lead Web Developer

Follow Jeff on Twitter! @nFluxx

Jeff on LinkedIn
moz Moment

"I make sure your website experience is a wonderful one! :)"

On Saturday morning I like to catch up on sleep.

Kate Matsudaira


VP Engineering

Follow Kate on Twitter! @katemats
�moz Moment

"Helping bring SEO tools and technology to the next level"

Why is the sky blue? Because of Avogadro's number - the number of molecules in a mole determine the wavelength of light reflected (I learned this in my physical chemistry class�when we had to derive Avogadro's number if the sky was yellow -- as a result I will never forget this bit of trivia).

Ken Woodruff


Senior Architect

Ken will have to remain a mystery for another day because he did not get me his bio information in time. To be continued...

Nick Gerner


Senior Engineer

Follow Nick on Twitter! @gerner

Nick on LinkedIn

�Nick on Facebook

�moz Moment

Nick Leads SEOmoz API development and is currently working on solutions for historical Linkscape data tracking.

On Saturday morning I go for a run, then chase my cats Garrison and Ira until my wife Susan wakes up.

Phil Smith



Follow Phil on Twitter! @philhsmith
�moz Moment

"Working on sooper-top secret project"

The funniest job I ever had was… In high-school during the summer I would be the guy-in-a-foam-costume mascot for the local mall I worked at. Think giant purple dinosaur (but not barney.)

Roger Mozbot


Needs No Title

Follow Roger on Twitter! @roger_mozbot

�moz Moment

Standing on a crate in order to be as tall as Googlebot.

Raised by a protein-rich, startup-obsessed race of robot aliens.

Can't stand paying per click.

Marketing Team

Now that we are focused on our SEO tools, the consulting and marketing teams have been combined. There have been a number of changes in roles and we're now more focused than ever on getting our products launched, participating and leading our amazing community, and creating excellent content for our readers. Take a peak at our new Marketing team!

Danny Dover


SEO Specialist

Follow Danny on Twitter! @DannyDover

Danny on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

Danny is at least half full of SEO know-how

Rock, Paper or Scissors? Paper.

On Saturday morning I… I sleep in, go to my cooking class and work on my book

Jen Sable Lopez


Community Director

Follow Jen on Twitter! @jennita

Jen on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

Having worked remotely for 9 months, I LOVE being in the office.

The funniest job I ever had was... in college one summer I tasted beef. It paid well, but was really disgusting!

Joanna Lord


Director of Customer Acquisition & Engagement

Follow Joanna on Twitter! @joannalord

Joanna on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

"My focus is on introducing new audiences to our awesome resources and SEO tools. "

My favorite Youtube video is… The Sunscreen Song

On Saturday morning I… wake up, make coffee, check analytics, and then go explore my new home--Seattle.

Scott Willoughby


Director-Conversion & Retention Marketing

Follow Scott on Twitter! @great_scott

Scott on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

I rock the Whiteboard Fridays

On Saturday morning I... wish cartoons were still as cool as they used to be.

Product Team

The product team leads the path to ensuring that the products being built meet the needs of our customers and they manage the projects from inception through deployment. Essentially they make sure we're all doing our jobs. :)

Adam Feldstein


Director of Product Management
�moz Moment

Current Focus: 1) Ship a new version of the mozBar. 2) Something much bigger (that I can't talk about yet)

Funniest jobs: I once played a rock/punk gig at a high school party. Ended up being extra fun when the lead guitarist locked his keys in the van with the engine running (fortunately I think we had already gotten the gear out).

Ben Huff


Product Manager

Ben on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

"I focus on herding cats. Recently that included getting Open Site Explorer out the door, safe and sound. I'm currently working on doing the same for the new Keyword Difficulty tool."

The sky is blue because blue light waves are the shortest visible waves coming from the sun, and scatter off of molecules in the air the easiest.

Matt Heilman


Art Director
�moz Moment

"I make SEOmoz look good"

Operations Team

Who keeps the company working like a well oiled machine? That's the Operations team of course! They jump in and help with any aspect of the company as needed and are often our customers first point of contact. Without their magic touch the office would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Thanks for keeping us from running into each other!

Arden Turnbull


Customer Service Manager / Office Coordinator
�moz Moment

Arden keeps our customers happy!

Christine V.


Director of Operations
�moz Moment

I do my best to increase the staff's level of happiness and productiveness, much like Tattoo on Fantasy Island.

If SEOmoz was a Lifetime movie, I would be played by William Hung.

Sarah Bird


Chief Operations Officer

Follow  on Twitter! @SarahBird

�Sarah on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

I own legal, financial, HR, and generally help make everything run smoothly. I also champion the Marketing Department and the SEOmoz API. I love my job. :)

On Saturday morning I… Sleep in and then go for a long run around Lake Union.

moz Associates

This is an amazing group of experts from across the search marketing industry. We're priveledged to have this group contributing to the blog, helping with Q & A and providing insight for new products. It sorta feels like we're showing off... because we totally are!�

Cindy Krum


CEO & founder of Rank-Mobile - Denver, CO

Follow Cindy on Twitter! @Suzzicks

Cindy on LinkedIn

� Cindy on Facebook

�moz Moment

Cindy is a mobile marketing evangelist. She'll be providing help in Q & A on mobile topics.

Why is the sky blue? Because that is the way Google wants it? (We're not sure if it will stay blue though - its still in beta and hasn't officially launched.)

Duncan Morris

Duncan Morris

Founder and CEO, Distilled - London, UK

Follow Duncan on Twitter! @duncanmorris

�moz Moment

Given that I always drone on about information architecture I guess I should really point to this post though at the time it came out this was my most interesting post.

On a Saturday morning I travel around the south of England to the coldest and wettest playing fields in existence to play field hockey for Wimbledon Hockey Club. Of course in the UK we just call this hockey, but that would give you all the false impression that I'm rock hard and can ice skate.

Jane Copland

Jane Copland

SEO Consultant, Ayima Search Marketing - London, England

Jane on LinkedIn

Jane's Personal Social Media Profile
�moz Moment

"I've written a couple of successful blog posts for SEOmoz (I worked as a full-time employee at SEOmoz from 2006 until 2009). My favourites are:�Don't End URLs in .0, What Rand and Jane Write When They're Drunk, the follow-up and� A True Story. It's about hookers."

The funniest job I ever had was… I used to work for Rand ;)

Kate Morris

Kate Morris

Kate Morris, Search Engine Marketing Consultant - Austin, TX

Follow  on Twitter! @katemorris

Kate on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

"My favorite blog post on YouMoz was Paid Search: Detaching From an Agency, which is what got me speaking on my first panel at SMX East 2008."

I'm proud to be an … Army Brat.

My favorite Youtube video is … Louis CK - Everything is Amazing, and Nobody's Happy

Lindsay Wassell


Q & A - Tampa Bay, FL

Follow  on Twitter! @lindzie
�moz Moment

This post: Rethinking Duplicate Content

On Saturday morning I… am awake before dawn caring for my newborn twins!

I'm proud to be a… SEO

Michael Cottam


Principal, Michael Cottam SEO Consulting - Portland, OR, Canada

Follow  on Twitter! @Michael512

Michael on LinkedIn

�Michael on Facebook
�moz Moment

I like this one, and it seemed to generate a pile o' comments: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/its-a-feeding-frenzy-for-keywordrich-domains

I'm proud to be a member of the downtown Portland Rotary Club and on the Ambassador Board of the Children's Cancer Association.

Peter Meyers

Dr. Pete

President, User Effect - Chicago, IL

Follow  on Twitter! @dr_pete
�moz Moment

The post: SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of a URL

My most popular post on my own blog (by a longshot) is 25 Point Website Usability Checklist.�

The funniest job I ever had was… Stuffing photo envelopes with a pot dealer and Christian survivalist.

Why is the sky blue? ... because The Flying Spaghetti Monster made it that way.

Richard Baxter


Director / Founder SEOgadget.co.uk - London, UK

Follow  on Twitter! @richardbaxter
�moz Moment

Hmm. I like writing about tools you guys do - Like this and this and pretty charts on ranking factors using Linkscape data like this.� And I really like talking about Microformats.

My favorite Youtube video is… Eric Clapton Shreds - is pure awesome and always puts a smile on my face. One day match this level of guitar genius...

Rob Ousbey


Search Marketing Consultant, Distilled - Seattle, WA (soon to be)

Follow  on Twitter! @RobOusbey
�moz Moment

People seem to like my how-to and link building posts.�

On Saturday morning I: often wake up to the smell of bacon

The funniest job I ever had was: watching petrol drip down an inclined hot plate to measure the amount of residue. I won an award for it. Hotplate Rob they called me. Ahh, good times, good times.

Sam Crocker


SEO Consultant, Distilled - London, for now!

Follow  on Twitter! @crockstarltd

Personal Fashions & Trends Blog
�moz Moment

I'm pretty new to the moz crew but I was pretty pleased with manning up to take on a "doozy" for my first Q & A and think I found a good solution to the problem

I'm proud to be a… n Uh-merican, where at least I know I'm free!

The funniest job I ever had was… working at McDonalds when I was 14 years old. My mom said "you can work for me for free 6 hours a day or you can get a job" we all know that Macky D's is one of the few places that will hire 14 year olds and the rest is history.

Tom Critchlow


Head of Search Marketing, Distilled - London Baby.

Follow  on Twitter! @tomcritchlow
�moz Moment

My most loved SEOmoz post was this one, mainly because of it's sensationalist headline... Headlines ftw. My proudest SEOmoz contribution was speaking at both the Seattle and London pro seminars in 2009 and getting some really positive feedback and comments.

Rock, paper scissors? After years of playing poker I can now comfortably crush Will at rock paper scissors despite him claiming it's a game of chance. I will gladly play any game of any sort for money.

Will Critchlow


Co-Founder of Distilled, UK & US - London, UK. Though anywhere rainy appears to do.

Follow  on Twitter! @willcritchlow

Will on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

Taking credit for lots of things done by our team, I'm probably most proud of the London PRO seminar in October last year. My personal favourite post, mainly for the title (just google "space monstering") is this one.

Rock, Paper or Scissors? I always lose this to Tom. Rock.

Boss Team

Last, but definitely not least we have our co-founders Rand and Gillian. They may very well be the most well known of the bunch, but I bet you didn't know Rand used to be a black market Pokemon dealer! Without these two, we wouldn't be the team we are today.

Gillian Muessig



Follow Gillian on Twitter! @seomom

Gillian on LinkedIn
�moz Moment

"I'm the corporate evangelist and international voice for SEOmoz. My role is to connect the the SEOmoz community with the SEOmoz team and to spread the SEOmoz brand to new audiences and markets."

I'm proud to be a…